Hopi App Launch



Hopi is a multi-brand loyalty app offering not only rewards but also smart features to its users such as recommendations, customized offers and so on. So we positioned the app as a ‘shopping companion that knows about you’ and illustrated this main offer by showing clones of the users in our launch campaign.

The song and the colourful visual world of the ad addressed to our awareness KPI’s but it was crucial to turn awareness into downloads and user conversion. To address those specific needs, further details were planned.

Results & Awards:

1M Downloads in two weeks

Most Talked About Ad Of The Year 2015

Most Remembered Ad Of The Year 2015

Effies Launch Silver 2015

Crystal Apple Craft Crystal 2015

My Role: Strategic Planner

Key take-outs:

A detailed persona study was performed to address specific user groups to be reflected in the ad.

A special visual reference was created to ensure that our audience acknowledges that ‘Hopi is something that should be downloaded’.

Social buzz data was analysed to iterate on the campaign even more. Dance was by far the most talked about asset of the ad, so we focused on it for the sequel.