Mobile Payment on Street Food

DateBKM Express


Bagel is the number one street food in Istanbul. It’s delicious and extremely cheap.

It’s so cheap that you can just pay it by coins.

But no one is carrying coins anymore and Turkish market is still a bit behind when it comes to mobile payment on smaller scale branches.

We might be pro-cashless but we are not heartless…


So, we decided to activate BKM Express wallet’s pay by QR function on bagel spots and advertised it with the real bagel seller man and women on the corners of streets.

With hyper local targeting we reached our audience with creatives featuring real sellers that they see everyday on their street corner.

Surprising huh?


With a help of discount in bagel prices, we achieved +30.000 transactions in just 2 weeks.


Felis Awards 2019

3x Istanbul Marketing Awards 2019

Martech Awards 2019