Palavra: Anti Fraud Music Video


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The Problem

Frauds have been a very problematic issue for the banking industry. Even though softwares and security measures have been set to reduce certain risk, the human factor is there and always will be, ready to be abused by cheaters.

There is a very common method of fraud named Social Engineering in which one was contacted by a stranger acting as a bank representative, police officer or a legal authority. (similar to Nigerian Letter cases) Sometimes these clalls come in the form of “a big prize” or “last minute deal” and sometimes “a threat of terrorism”. In most cases the victim overreacts, panics and shares delicate account information like passwords etc. and loses vast sums of money.


Our mission was to warn all banking users in Turkey about this type of threat and keep them safe and sound. But there was this very big challenge, if we freak them out, they might lose all their trust in digital banking.

And nobody wants such thing. Am i right?

Challenge number 2, who would want to watch a PSA about “data protection” in anyways?

We tackled these two challenges together with FCB Istanbul. And the result was two music clips featuring 70s hits. (Hint: Old people were by far easily trapped in fraud (Thank you captain obvious! )) and introduced a catch phrase: “Palavra” (means “empty words” in Turkish)


After the campaign, reported number of frauds was reduced by %50 and value of financial loss was reduced by %38 in the entire Turkish Market compared to previous year.

Featured in news more than 30 times on TV and 120 times on newspapers and tripled the actual budget by generating PR value.


Crystal Apple – Banking

Sardis Finance Awards – Grand Prix

Felis Awards – 5x

Istanbul Marketing Summit – 3x

Youtube Ads Leaderboard 2019 – 9th top viewed video of 2019 (based on shares and organic views)

Effie Awards – Shortlisted (Winners are not disclosed due to Covid-19)


Enjoy the series with subtitles

Episode 1: PAROLE