Pocket Money Hunt

ClientBKM Express

Cultural Fact

Halloween has its “Trick or Treat”, Hannukah’s got the “Dreidel” and Christmas has presents under the Christmas tree waiting to be unwrapped.

In Turkey, holidays have a special tradition too:
“Pocket Money!”.

In other words: Pocket money for children who visit and greet their elders in holidays.

Bairams (Holidays) are those times of the year, when children greet their older relatives in warm family gatherings.

… and ask for pocket money in creative ways.


At BKM Express, we wanted to strengthen this tradition by introducing our brand new digital capabilities. We knew that thousands of children could not find time or resources to visit all of their older relatives.

And we had the perfect tools:
24/7 money transfer and Ask For Money feature

That’s how we started “Harçlık Avı (Pocket Money Hunt).”
The tutorials to find creative ways while asking for pocket money.


First, we re-positioned our “Ask For Money” feature as a tool for Pocket Money Hunt. Then we started to tell our story by delivering tips for the pocket money hunt.

“Instead of sending them dull short messages, pamper your relatives with the GIFs we prepared,” we said.

We made our sweet aunty praise the pocket money hunters.

The Pocket Money Hunt expanded so rapidly that social media influencers also joined the hunt! 😉

Soon, everybody was talking about digitalizing our very own traditions in order to make them stronger.

And that’s how it turned into a public debate. Some were enthusiastic, some were sceptic…


In a few days, with nearly no media budget we reached more than 4 million people with the news stories published in nearly 100 media channels. 

The campaign immediately has become a topic of debate on cultural zeitgeist, more than 5 TV channels went down the street to make interviews.

The number of people using our “Ask for Money” feature increased by 400% and the number of people who downloaded the application increased by 200%.


Crystal Apple 2019 – Use of Social Media

Istanbul Marketing Awards 2019 – Use of Social Media


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