TROY – Local Values Mini Series


The Story

The land we live in has a history of 12,000 years. This makes Anatolia to be the home of hundreds of different civilizations. Countless people lived in this center. In all four corners of Anatolia, there have been countless professions belonging to that region. Hundreds of different crafts, handicrafts and people who have managed to carry themselves to the future by renovating themselves continue to live.


We think; the real wealth is exactly this culture. It is the people who make these lands productive as much as their history. Tradesmen who produce as much as the product produced, open their shop with determination and respect every morning. In order to call something local, it is not enough to produce it only within the borders of a country. To be native, everything produced must have a story. It must contain an ancient culture.

The Work

For Turkey’s national payment method TROY, we documented the cultural heritage of craftsmanship in Anatolia with a 13 episode long documentary mini series. Each piece of content feature one specific location in Anatolia telling stories of their local philosophy of labor, craftsmanship, family, existential values and so on.

Watch First Two Episode


Episode 1 – Tire, İzmir



EpISODE 2 – Kastamonu